Our Biggest Goal is

To train and deliver high quality of professional pilots training in our industry at the mean time. As well we can provide a wide range of Airplane parts and engines that could fit all of your request as a customers with fast and safe delivery.

All Our Administrators Are experienced pilots and airmen that can serve and advise you around the clock to achieve your request in a very professional and safe environment on time.

We adapt our services
to the needs of our clients

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Our company has a modern park of Boeing 737aircraft with all the equipment and certificate that are required to be on board to achieve safe flight and time schedules on time. Our main directions of operation is charter flight, we can offer a great deals for wet lease and dry lease that can be arranged world wide. Our very experienced engineering team and our special department of expertise we can offer you the best deals of buying and selling airplane. We can offer you all kinds of aviation contracts from heavy lifting to ambulance flights and air taxi flights worldwide.

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